With our service team our firm excells in the field of accountancy, tax and legal advice and management consulting. Our organisation can draw on specialist consultants in areas such as Corporate Mangagement, Accountancy, Tax and Legal. Our customers are international companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and non profit organizations, including many organisations familiar to you.

Within the prescribed statutory framework, BTC has developed a multidisciplinary approach that enables it to go about examining a company in a number of different ways, adopting both an overall view and an issue-specific standpoint. Where the complexity of the customer’s problem renders this advisable, we harness the know-how and experience of various experts, so that the situation is tackled along various different lines of approach.

Advice is never far away

Business & Tax Consultants are close to their customers – literally as well as figuratively. What is more, their commitment and personal responsibility for ensuring optimal advice guarantee you the very highest level of service.